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Hi, I'm Charlotte


I'm a certified breathwork practitioner in Austin, TX, looking to show people how to let go of what no longer serves them so that they can live their lives as their most authentic selves.

     Growing up with a young single mom and absent father, I found myself consumed by major depression starting at the young age of 12. I worked with a multitude of therapists, psychiatrists, medication regimens, and intensive outpatient programs, in an attempt to rid myself of depression. Yet nothing I did seemed to get me tangible, lasting results. Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Trazodone, Ceroquel, years upon years of talk therapy, and even an intensive outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy group... Don't even get me started on the number of times I had to find a new doctor, who was in network, and actively accepting new patients, because my condition had led me to quit yet another job and now I had a new insurance plan to work with (IYKYK).​

Because I didn't know how to regulate my emotions from a young age, I spent much of my 20's finding ways to cope with my stress in ways that are pretty openly encouraged by our culture and society. I would frequently partake in drinking until I blacked out (reveling at the pictures I had no memory of taking), partying with a variety of drugs (including MDMA, cocaine, acid, and other synthetic party drugs), and smoking cannabis habitually for nearly a decade--all habits that are heavily encouraged to college-age individuals by our culture. By my mid-twenties, I became burnt out and suicidal and was introduced to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). While this tool was a helpful way to engage my mind and build awareness, I was not in a place where I was ready to give up my addictions and sit with the uncomfortable feelings of being present with my body and my thoughts, so my patterns quickly continued thereafter.


This exhausting process continued until I was just about to turn 30. I had recently been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and my stressful tech job had caused me to develop PTSD on top of my existing conditions and addictions. I was already in therapy because I saw the warning signs coming, I was on a consistent medication regimen, and I was performing well at my job with my team successfully exceeding their expectations month after month. And yet I still found myself in a place where I was no longer able to sleep because my anxiety had seeped into my subconscious thoughts and was affecting my dreams every. fucking. night. I was desperate and willing to try anything. That's when I discovered the most powerful coping tool that transformed my life--breathwork. 

Breathwork led me to explore myself in a way I had never done before. Breathwork led me to clarity about my long-term goals and the life I wanted to build for myself. Breathwork led me to my recovery and sobriety. I no longer wanted to stay stuck in the same story: the depressed and emotionally deprived child with daddy issues who had developed the same unhealthy addictions as her distant father. Breathwork led me to want to own my story and write a new narrative: one where I share the things that make me happy, where I create magic in my life and the lives of others, where I live unapologetically as myself (short, plus size, body rolls, stretch marks and all), and where I serve my community with my willingness to heal the generational trauma that I had not only personally felt but knew many others in this world experienced and continue to experience on a daily basis.


The reality is, many of us know we're in pain. We certainly don't need to be told that we're:


  • stressed

  • anxious

  • depressed

  • living with chronic pain

  • buying material things in hopes that this item is the one that will make us happy

  • binging anything we can get our hands on to feel the smallest ounce of pleasure (Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, alcohol, weed, fast food, sugar, the list goes on and on...)


We know with every fiber of our being that we're tired of simply surviving.


Let me guide you to love and embrace every piece of your truest self so you can let go of what habits and stories no longer serve you. You can finally let go of the perfectionism, the people pleasing, the idea that your productivity defines your worth, the idea that we are only as good as the external validation we receive, the idea that once you lose the weight things will finally be perfect--all of these are simply constructs of your mind, which means that the solution lies in your mind as well. You just need a little help finding that key to unlocking your potential.


You have everything you need to solve your problems within you. You are already whole as you are, right here in this moment--I know this to be true. You simply need help shining light on the pieces of you that were once lost to the darkness. They've been inside you since you took your first breath entering this realm and will be with you until your last breath leaves you.


With light, love, and the power of breathwork, I would love to help guide you along your self-healing journey so that you can also let go of your old stories that hold you captive, and find the new story you long to share with the world. Let's make magic together.

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