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Breathwork Sessions

Find where you're comfortable. Whether you're comfortable in person or virtually, we've got you covered.

Studio H at Dancers Workshop, a large open space with wood floors and 10 yoga mats on the floor

Group Sessions

We offer a variety of introspective and healing breathwork classes including: Letting Go, Relationships, Self Love, and Finding Purpose. If you want to change your life, we recommend coming to one of these sessions that calls to you.

$35 / session
Char, a mixed race white, Indigenous, and Asian woman with glasses and pink hair, holding both hands up in excitement during a Zoom breathwork session, displayed on a variety of screens including a phone, desktop computer, and tablet. All devices have headphones.

Virtual Group Sessions

Can't make it into our studio in northwest Austin, TX? We also offer our in-person class themes virtually as well! Finding Purpose, Letting Go, Relationships, and Self Love, are all accessible via Zoom. All you need is Zoom; any smartphone, tablet or computer; a reliable internet connection; and your headphones!

$22 / session
A woman with an olive complexion and eyes closed, breathing on a yoga mat at home

One on One Sessions

Enjoy a private one on one breathwork session. Discuss where you feel stuck in your life, set an intention for your session, and actively participate in a curated breathwork session just for you. Invest in yourself. You are worth it. You've done harder things in your life than lay on the floor and breathe.

$99 / session
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