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Gift Certificates

Support your loved one by gifting a unique wellness experience!

Jenny H., a white woman with bright orange and yellow hair, laying on a yoga mat and breathing during a group session
Sanctuary with Char Gift Certificate shows a pink background with a white cloud with hearts

We now offer digital gift certificates to our in-person classes with the help of our partners, Eventbrite and Gift Up!

This digital gift certificate delivered via email covers the total cost (including Eventbrite processing fees) for:


x1 In-Person Breathwork Class hosted by Sanctuary with Char in Austin, TX

Your recipient will be able to join any future in-person Somatic Breathwork class hosted by Sanctuary with Char.


Read more about our specific class offerings here!


includes all Eventbrite and gifting fees


How is this gift certificate delivered?

This is a digital gift certificate. When making your purchase through our partner, Gift Up!, you'll be asked to include your recipient's email address along with their name and your own customizable message.

What if I don't have their email?

If you don't have their email, don't sweat it! You can send it to your own email and receive their unique gift code. Then, you can simply provide them their unique gift certificate code via whatever communication method you'd prefer. Send it to them through a messaging platform of your choice, or print out the image we include with your message and code, and provide it in a physical greeting card.

Can you send me a physical gift card?

Unfortunately as a small business, we don't provide physical gift cards at this time. We'd recommend sending the email to yourself, and printing out the image along with the message text and including that in a physical greeting card or similar to give them a more hands-on experience if that's what you're looking for. As we grow, we'd love to consider offering physical gift cards in the future!

My recipient has not received their gift code. What do I do?

Oh no! We're sorry to hear that your recipient didn't receive their gift code as expected. Be sure to have them check their email's Spam folder to make sure it didn't get caught by automated email filters. If they still have not received it, you can reach out to us via email at and provide your order details and we'd be happy to get you their unique gift code that was sent initially.

I was directed to a new window to purchase with a site called, is that safe?

We totally understand being diligent when it comes to internet safety! Gift Up! is our third party partner that we use to provide gift certificates for our in-person events hosted by Eventbrite. Their website,, is safe to use and expected to open in a new window when you click 'Buy Now' from our Gift Certificates page or any other social media direct link we may provide in the future.


While we may promote our gift certificates through social media posts or Stories, we will never direct message you offering gift certificates for purchase. So please don't click on any links that are provided in Messenger, Instagram Messaging, TikTok, or Gmail, unless you reached out to us first about an inquiry. We appreciate your attention to detail and are committed to ensuring you have a safe purchasing experience. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our checkout process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at

Can I purchase a gift certificate for a virtual session like a 1:1, virtual group, or couples' session?

We love your interest in our virtual options! Unfortunately, we don't currently offer gift certificates for virtual options as our current system relies on Eventbrite and Gift Up to use. We plan to explore this option in the future, and encourage you to sign up for our mailing list for an announcement when that feature becomes available on our site!

Why are gift certificates more expensive than purchasing a session directly?

Our session price is $35/session for in-person group breathwork sessions. In order to process these sessions through our ticketholder, Eventbrite, there are additional fees involved that make an Eventbrite session cost approximately $41.97 after booking directly. Eventbrite also uses a third party partner, Gift Up!, to offer gift certificates for their events which is how we're able to offer gift certificates. Gift Up! also adds a service fee for processing. The $44.95 gift certificate price displayed on our website includes all Eventbrite fees and all Gift Up! service fees, so your recipient doesn't have to pay a single cent out of their pocket, as we feel that diminishes the gifting experience.

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