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Find your sanctuary

At Sanctuary with Char, we believe all solutions to life's problems can be found within, if only we take a moment to sit with them. We know firsthand that breathwork has the power to change lives. We're here to hold space for you and empower you to find a way to self heal.

Find where you're comfortable.

Find your community.

Find your sanctuary.

A pink paintbrush stroke in a circle leading into a lotus, that holds the Quote of the Month
Quote of the month:

        "On the days where your          trauma is louder than your love,
remember you are more than
        what hurt


Find where you're comfortable

Whether you're comfortable in person or virtually, we're here to support you.


In-Person Group Sessions

Join us in-person for a Somatic Breathwork session in our unique north Austin studio space with a vibrating floor. Nestled in the Wells Branch area, connect in an intimate group setting with other like-minded individuals. We believe that wounds that start in community must be healed in community. Allow yourself to be seen and heard in your truest expression of self, and give permission to others to do the same.

$38 / session
Char, a mixed race white, Indigenous, and Asian woman with glasses and pink hair, holding both hands up in excitement during a Zoom breathwork session, displayed on a variety of screens including a phone, desktop computer, and tablet. All devices have headphones.

Virtual Group Sessions

Can't make it into our studio in north Austin, TX? You can join our virtual group session from anywhere in the world! Virtual groups are the perfect setting to connect with community for reflection after a session, but not have to expose yourself to the noise and expression of an in-person group. All you need is Zoom; any smartphone, tablet or computer; a reliable internet connection; and your headphones!

$22 / session
A woman with an olive complexion and eyes closed, breathing on a yoga mat at home

Virtual One on One Sessions

Enjoy a private one on one breathwork session. Discuss where you feel stuck in your life, set an intention for your session, and actively participate in a curated breathwork session just for you. Invest in yourself. You are worth it. You've done harder things in your life than lay on the floor and breathe.

$99 / session

Find your community

A headshot of Rio S., a white woman with dark hair, multiple ear piercings, a septum piercing, and vibrant purple and green eye makeup
"Sanctuary with Char was my first experience with breathwork. She was incredibly thorough in explaining the process and what to expect. She answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns.
I have been in and out of therapy and various mental health programs for most of my adult life. After only 2 breathwork sessions, my therapist said she could tell a difference in me. She said I seemed lighter. I feel lighter.
Char holds a safe space for me to feel, explore, and release difficult emotions that I have had a hard time accepting and processing otherwise. I was intimidated by breathwork at first, but I am so incredibly grateful that Char made me feel comfortable enough to give it a try.
I am now going regularly as a part of my self care and mental health routine. Every session I leave feeling more at peace. I leave feeling motivated. I leave feeling love.
I cannot recommend these sessions enough. They are incredibly affordable, especially for the amount of healing it has given me already. I love going to the group sessions, but I'm also happy that she offers a variety of options, like individual, couples, and virtual sessions.
Go! It will change your life."

Rio S. on In-Person Group Breathwork

Here's what our community has to say about our services:

A professional shot of Char, a plus size mixed race white, Indigenous, and Asian woman with long pink hair, sitting outside in nature, hands outstretched towards the sky, wearing a black crop top and lavender pants

Find your sanctuary

Every person is different. What does sanctuary mean for you?

I spent over 18 years making myself small, living with chronic depression and generalized anxiety as my core identity. Breathwork helped me learn to regulate my nervous system in a way that was healthy. It helped me uncover the root causes of things in my life that were making me unhappy. With consistency and time, I was able to find peace and stability in the ebbs and flows of every day life. After over a decade of medications, therapy, and outpatient programs, breathwork was the missing tool in my toolbox I needed to help me live my best life.


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